In the aftermath of the Battle of Cogscastle, Godfrey searches for his lost horse, Dame. He encounters violence on the road north. Limited series, Part 2 of 4. 28 story pages. (2019) Buy now>

Fall of Evergreen by Mark Middleton
Godfrey Eldridge is looking for a safe place to retire with his aging war horse Dame when he is caught up in the battle for control of Clear Valley, a remote and fertile farming region where the locals struggle to maintain order after a climate-driven economic collapse. He must decide between ensuring his own future, and risking everything to help defend his community. Limited series, Part 1 of 4. 28 story pages. (2017) Buy now>

Vergil by Mark Middleton
Vergil, a starving swamp orc, must find food for himself and his son, survive raids by violent human orc-hunters, and endure the cruelty of other orcs. An old wizard hiding deep in the swamp may be his last hope. (2015) Buy now>

Symmetry by Mark Middleton
In Symmetry, a peaceful species discovers an advanced civilization on the other side of their solar system. When their attempts to communicate with this species fail, they must decide whether to preemptively invade this planet in order to prevent an invasion of their own planet. When the two species finally meet, together they discover an ancient secret. (2007) Buy now>