Figure Drawing

Recent Figure Drawings and Studies

I recently attended Illuxcon in Allentown, PA, and it was an awesome experience. I was overwhelmed with the amount of incredible artwork. Everyone I encountered was very generous with their time, and I had a wonderful time hanging out with some amazing artists. While I was there, I got to take part in the Illuxcon sketchfest at Allentown Brew Works, where they had a number of figure models to draw. I also got to take part in figure drawing instruction from the incredible Steve Huston. His instruction was great and he said many things that were very helpful to me, he even sat next to me for a few minutes and drew in my sketchbook to show me a few things, which was awesome! One thing that stuck with me was how he related visual art to other kinds of art like music and dance. Musicians and dancers aren’t just performing one note or one step, but each note and each step relate to the other notes and steps to create a whole, and we must think of our drawings and pictures in the same way. Each “note” of color or value or line in your picture must connect with the other notes to create the image. This might seem obvious to some, but I don’t think it’s a trivial observation. Thinking in this way has helped me to be more aware of what I’m doing and has forced me to ask myself how what I’m drawing now relates to what I’ve already drawn or plan to draw, and to remember to connect things, to make them flow visually. Creating pictures is an incredibly deep subject. In figure drawing alone, there are more hidden dimensions to it than I ever thought possible.


Figure Drawing Marathon, Dec 7, 2014

These are some drawings that I did at the figure drawing marathon put on by the Bay Area Models Guild on Dec 7. At the marathons, they have four stages, one long pose stage, and three other stages where three models at a time pose for different amounts of time. This is one of the best figure drawing sessions I’ve been to.


Figure Drawing, Nov. 7, 2014

My third session using charcoal to draw the figure.

Figure Drawing, Nov. 3, 2014

I’ve been taking a basic drawing class through the extension program at CCA in order to work on my traditional drawing foundation. Last week we had a model come in and pose for us. I’ve been doing uninstructed figure drawing for years, but this is my first time drawing a model this large (18×24) and with vine charcoal. My previous figure drawings have always been done in a 9×12 sketchbook with a pencil, and I was always trying to do very exact, controlled drawings. I loved working with charcoal, because it allowed much more freedom and speed, and a different kind of control. I liked being able to just rough in a big shaded area and then erase it out to get highlights. I plan on using more charcoal in future figure studies.