Studies, Nov 8-16

I’m trying to get better at painting heads by doing more quick head studies, and I’m also trying to get better at sharing my work by posting these studies online. I’m posting all of the studies I do on instagram, tumblr, and facebook. I think I have a long way to go in terms of painting faces, but I’ve learned a lot doing these studies. At first, I was painting the faces by going directly in with paint, and for the later ones, I drew them with lines first. I’m not sure which method works better for me yet. One thing that I’ve found to be difficult is making the faces look saturated enough, I tend to push the skin tones too far towards grey. I’ve also learned how subtle some of the color, brightness, and saturation variations are in skin tones, and how capturing those subtle variations is crucial to making it look right. After looking back on these, I think I’ve been a bit too clumsy in recording many of these variations, and in future studies I’m going to push to get the variations recorded more carefully. Also, my colors on some of these are spotty, which makes the faces look disjointed. I need to also push to match colors that are arising in different parts of the face to bring the face together, to make it seem like a single, related whole.